WWDC Registration

2 June 2019

WWDC registration allows you to pick up your badge and some freebies. You can register at almost any point throughout the week, but to avoid delays on Mondays keynote, I decided to register at 10am on the Sunday.

Walking up to the convention centre you begin to hear the deep cheers and high pitch whistles of Apple employees as they greet all new developers and scholars: high-fiving everyone inline as you walk up.

Loud music blasts all around the centre matching the loudness of cheers and applause. The whole affair sounds like a giant Apple advert – they even play music heard in Apple TV ads, and you quickly become in awe, excited and electrified of the sheer scale of the event. Everyone is enjoying themselves; everyone is cheering and everyone is here to have a good time.

At the registration desk, you sit down at one of Apples rectangular wooden tables – similar to the ones you would see in an Apple Store. You’re asked to scan your Wallet Pass on an NFC pad which brings up your details and prints your badge. Apple also gives each attendee a free WWDC branded black jacket, a flag pin matching your spoken language and a selection of other WWDC branded pins.

Outside you’re greeted with breakfast: a choice of fruit, chocolate waffle slices and StarBucks coffee. Music still blaring out loud, it feels like a giant party and you get to mingle with other developers from across the world. Within 10 minutes of being here I had already spoken to some guys from Australia, Japan, India and the States.

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